Church Calendar Summer 2008


11  Wednesday 7:00pm - Fellowship at First African Baptist Church Phila, PA
15  Sunday 11:00am - Education Sunday (Recognizing MMBC Graduates)
18  Wednesday 10:00am - Reynolds Elementary School "Move Up Day"
21  Saturday 10:00am - Trip to Lancaster, PA (Re-enactment of underground railroad)
22  Sunday 10:00am - Pastor Weathers preaching at Mecedonia Baptist Church 1710 Columbia Avenue, Neptune,NJ
29  Sunday 3:30pm - Celestial Choir 60th Anniversary Concert
5    Saturday 10:00am - Family Reunion Picnic at Soupy Island
7-18 Monday-Friday 6:30 Adult Vacation Bible School "Beyond Your Back Yard"
26  Saturday Trip to Hershey Park
30  Saturday Scholarship Ministry Cruise


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